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Betty Rivard

Betty Rivard

Betty Rivard became a fine art landscape photographer after retiring as a social worker in 2000. She has received a number of grants, and her works have appeared in shows across West Virginia and include juried exhibits. She is based in Braxton County and Charleston.

My mission is to show the beauty and individuality of everyday scenes in West Virginia and beyond.

In addition to her interest in photography, Rivard curated a book of photographs, New Deal Photographs, 1934-1943, which was published by the West Virginia University Press in 2012. The photographs in the book were selected from those taken around the state through the Farm Security Administration Project, a part of FDR's New Deal.

Other examples of her wide array of interest include her participation in "What's In a Name," a segment in West Virginia Public Radio's program Inside Appalachia. In this series she describes how her hometown, Gip, got its name. Rivard has written editorials in the Charleston (WV) Gazette "Constitutional Convention Is Bad Idea" (March 6, 2015) and "Family Services: Find Common Ground, Support Kids, Families" March 4, 2002. In 2015, Betty was designated A West Virginia Wonder Woman by the Hur Herald.