Art in the Libraries

Current Exhibits

front and back view of woman in yellow dress

Sustainable Fashion

Evansdale Library

WVU Professor of Fashion, Dress & Merchandising presents an exhibit of her work alongside student designs exploring various sustainable practices from Zero-Waste, Transformation to Up-Cycling.

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Gee with neckties

Passion or Obsession? President Gee's Bow Ties

Evansdale Library

Art in the Libraries begins a new series of exhibitions featuring community member's collections, beginning fittingly and prominently with WVU's President Gee's bow tie collection. Spanning more than three decades and numbering in the thousands, his bow ties exude his vibrant style and character and present a distinct, vast artistry. The exhibit includes a selection of ties as well as photographs and stories. Whether be passion or obsession, you decide.

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house in distance and person in foreground

Dean of the Libraries Student Art awards, 2018

Downtown Campus & Evansdale Libraries

In November, the Art in the Libraries Committee awarded the College of Creative Arts students Cancan Huang and Jacqueline Circkirillo with the Dean of the Libraries' arts awards. Huang's work, Dolma, an oil painting, will be on display in the Downtown Campus Library lobby for the spring semester. Circkirillo''s work, Margaret, an oil painting, will go on display at Evansdale Library for the spring semester.

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off the deep end painting

WATER: A cross-disciplinary exhibit exploring the significance, power & play of life's critical resource

Downtown Campus Library

This collaborative, cross-disciplinary, multimedia exhibit examines the power, control, scarcity, abundance, play and impact of water in its various forms. Coming August 2018.

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Students with interactive sculpture

CESTA 2018 Exhibit

Evansdale Library

An interactive sculpture on display at the Evansdale Library illustrates the structure and function of a particular enzyme and can charge your SmartPhone.

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brightly colored painting of women

Representing West Virginia: Paintings of Helen Holt by Advanced Painting Students

Downtown Campus Library

Students in College of Creative Arts Painting Professor Naijun Zhang's Advanced Painting class created works inspired by photographs from the West Virginia and Regional History Center's On View online photographs collection, of Helen Holt (1913-2015), the first woman to hold statewide elected office in West Virginia.

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geometric design from Jelfs book cover

WVU Press Exhibition Space

Downtown Campus Library

The WVU Libraries has invited the WVU Press to present rotating exhibits of their newly released book covers around the 2nd floor of the Downtown Campus Library..

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back-lit images of magnified cells

Life: Magnified

Health Sciences Library

An installation of thirteen back-lit images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times from the National Institutes of Health.

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medical microscopic photograph

Photography by Allan Jones

Health Sciences Library

An exhibit of various medical microscopic photographs using an Olympus polarizing microscope at a 10X objective.

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abstract painting

Paintings by Max Hayslette

Downtown Library, 6th floor

An installation of two-dimensional abstract paintings that are divided into foreground, middleground and background planes.

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person on ladder painting mural on brick wall

Photography by Betty Rivard

Wise Library

An exhibit of West Virginia Landscape Photographs.

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