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Upcoming Exhibits

Oragami Grasshopper

Insect Origami: Creative Arts Meet Biological and Physical Sciences

Downtown Library |  Sept. 2023 -  May 2024

Curated by 2023 Art in the Libraries Faculty Exhibit Awardee Long-Lak Park, Professor of Entomology, Davis College, this upcoming exhibit displays over 20 origami models and demonstrate the art of insect origami through hands-on activities.

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AI stock image

Artificial Intelligence

Downtown Library 2024

For the WVU Art in the Libraries 6th collaborative, multidisciplinary exhibition, we want to invite the WVU community to look at how artificial intelligence might impact fields of study, work, career readiness and community engagement.

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basecamp printing artwork of PRT

Base Camp Printing

Evansdale Library | Fall 2023

The show includes prints from Base Camp’s 7 years of business. All work is made with hand-set type and carved linoleum, then, handprinted on old-fashioned printing presses.

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boyd carr drawing

Seeing Through Lines, an exhibition of drawings by Boyd Carr

Downtown Library | TBD

This exhibition includes a curated selection of line drawings by the artist, poet and philosopher Boyd Carr, notably known for his iconic line drawing of a sardonic hillbilly named O Hector Lee in The West Virginia Hillybilly, a weekly paper published in Richwood, West Virginia, throughout the 1970s and 80s. There will be a selection of his other creative work on view as well.

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Long exposure photo of man doing pottery

The Mountain Traditions Project

Downtown Library | Fall 2024

The Mountain Traditions Project tells the stories of 50 individuals who are carrying forward Appalachian traditions in our rapidly changing world, challenging long-held notions of cultural rigidity in Appalachia, and exploring the heritage of the region as a rich, diverse tapestry of traditions that is inclusive of a plurality of voices, identities, and perspectives.

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Hacking the Library Logo

Hacking the Library

Downtown Library     August 2023

This exhibit will present artwork that highlights the intersecting values that shape our libraries through an artistic lens, reflecting on challenges and definitions of libraries past and as we move into the future.

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