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Current Exhibits

Indigenous Appalachia Logo

Indigenous Appalachia

Downtown Library  |  Launching Nov. 14, 2022

This exhibit by WVU Art in the Libraries in Partnership with WVU Native American Studies will be intentionally curated with the expertise and contribution of Indigenous Appalachians alongside scholars of Native American Studies. 
Woman painting

Prompted Art in the Pylons

Health Sciences Library, May - August 2023

In spring of 2023, WVU Students, Faculty, & Staff learned about art therapy and ways to engage in art for self-care.  Participants each created two of their own miniature paintings about stress and what helps them restore and rejuvenate, ultimately reigniting sense of purpose in their work.  

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microbial Samples

Unboxing the Black Box: The Evolution of Microbial Ecology

Downtown Library Graduate Commons 
Jan-Aug 2023

An exhibit by Chansotheary Dang, 2022 WVU Art in the Libraries’ Graduate Student Exhibit Awardee

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white dots on black background

WVU Press Exhibition Space

Downtown Campus Library

The WVU Libraries has invited the WVU Press to present rotating exhibits of their newly released book covers around the 2nd floor of the Downtown Campus Library

paint buckets

Murals by WVU Art Movement Students

Downtown Campus Library  | South Stairway

WVU undergraduate students in the WVU Art Movement group created acrylic paintings inspired by the seasons in West Virginia.

Wildflowers and trees book cover

Contemporary Literary Appalachia: Reimagining Classic Appalachian Book Covers

Downtown Campus Library | ongoing
College of Creative Arts Professor of Graphic Design Joseph Galbreath's advanced design students worked with the West Virginia & Regional History Center Appalachian and Rare Book Collections to reimagine classic Appalachian book covers.

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abstract painting

Paintings by Max Hayslette

Downtown Campus Library (6th floor)

An installation of two-dimensional abstract paintings that are divided into foreground, middleground and background planes.

Hill landscape

Photography by Betty Rivard

Downtown Campus Library

An exhibit of West Virginia Landscape Photographs.

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Microscopic image

Life: Magnified

Health Sciences Library

An installation of thirteen back-lit images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times from the National Institutes of Health.

Jar of honey with Herbs

(Mis)Representations: Divergent Perspectives on Appalachia

Downtown | Spring 2022

Taking a case study approach, each panel of this exhibit explores the history and culture of Appalachia from a different approach, offering a nuanced portrait of the region that challenges reductive stereotypes and simplistic narratives.

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MIcroscope art by alan jones

Photography by Allan Jones

Health Sciences Library

An exhibit of various medical microscopic photographs using an Olympus polarizing microscope at a 10X objective.


Reading Narrative Medicine & Health Humanities

This selection of books represents the gaining popularity of both health humanities and narrative medicine. From the expression in the book cover art to the poetry and educational information on the pages, perspectives in and on health humanities and narrative medicine are vast.

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Series of black and white prints

People in Black and White

Health Sciences Pylons | Sept. 2022-Aug. 2023

This exhibit, a partnership between Health Sciences and WVU Art in the Libraries, includes prints featuring different creative expressions of trees in prints

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Laptop art exhibit

Laptop Art Exhibit

WVU Downtown Library  2023

We posted a call to campus and community to share and explain their laptop stickers. These 13 individuals offer insight into their lives and interests, showing their passions and ways of self expression through their unique collections of stickers.

Map of Evansdale Campus

Hidden No More: The Enduring Impact of Native American and Enslaved People on the Evansdale Neighborhood and WVU Campus

Evansdale Library | Fall 2023

This exhibit highlights people and circumstances comprising the many stories that are woven into 360 acres of land – Home to Native Americans for thousands of years

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Passion or Obsession? Frankie Tack’s Vintage Hammer Collection

Evansdale Library | August 2023

This exhibit will present artwork that highlights the intersecting values that shape our libraries through an artistic lens, reflecting on challenges and definitions of libraries past and as we move into the future .

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