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Past Exhibits

Abstract Cesta Sculpture

CESTA 2019 Exhibit

The 2019 CESTA is entitled "The Brain Complex" and is representative of chemistry that occurs within the four lobes of the brain.

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stained glass of moon

Art and Craft by Pathology Assistant Beth Ann McCormick

WVUHS Pathology Assistant Beth Ann McCormick shares her creative side with this exhibit of her glasswork, claywork, fabric work and more.

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painting of helen holt

Representing West Virginia: Paintings of Helen Holt by Advanced Painting Students

Students in College of Creative Arts Painting Professor Naijun Zhang's Advanced Painting class created works inspired by photographs from the West Virginia and Regional History Center's On View online photographs collection, of Helen Holt (1913-2015), the first woman to hold statewide elected office in West Virginia.

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blue abstract painting

Women of Appalachia

The Women of Appalachia Project is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit arts program curated by Poet Laureat Kari Gunter-Seymour (Ohio University). This exhibit includes work selected by Gunter-Seymour from the 10th anniversary exhibit.

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minimal design of mountians

Looking at Appalachia, Selections

This exhibit is a selection of photographics from Roger May's Looking at Appalachia project.

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blue and white plate


Evansdale Library Director, Martha Yancey, shares a selection from her personal dinnerware collection including stone, porcelain, glass, holiday, FIESTA, and more.

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woman dancing


A selection of prints by Cylla von Tiedemann

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painting of dog in grass

Heath Sciences Professionals Create!

An exhibit of art and craft by health sciences students, staff and faculty

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painting of moth man and flatwoods monster

Appalachian Futures

Appalachian Futures is WVU Libraries' second annual collaborative, multidisciplinary project advancing important conversations in the region. The exhibit addresses the dominant contemporary narratives about Appalachia in a new way— how the people of Appalachia have worked and will work to rewrite their own narrative and transcend limiting definitions of what it means to be Appalachian synthesizing humanities research, art, and civic action.

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black and white photo of elderly woman

West Virginia Women

This series of portraits of twenty notable West Virginia Women was originally on display in IN.EXclusive: An exhibit and event series dedicated to West Virginia Women, at Arts Monongahela in 2017.

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close up photo of salt

With a Grain of Salt: Art in Rocks

Kathleen Benison uses sedimentary geology, geochemistry, and geomicrobiology to study the deposition and diagenesis of continental evaporites and red beds. Photographs of these rocks serve as both scientific evidence and aesthetic objects.

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purple flowers

Honeybees, Photography, and a Blowtorch

WVU School of Medicine Grants Administrator Dana Gray displays a series of her wax encaustic paintings at Health Sciences Library.

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black and white of children playing

Looking at Appalachia: HOPE

West Virginia based photographer Roger May collaboratively curates this exhibit of crowd-sourced images from amateur and professional photographers across Appalachia, broadening the contemporary definitions of the region and its people.

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snake on mans shoulder

Documentary Photographer to Exhibit Work, Speak About Serpent Handling

Lauren Pond, an award-winning documentary photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, will speak on October 22 about her recent book, Test of Faith: Signs, Serpents, Salvation (Duke University Press: 2017), which chronicles the life, death, and legacy of Pastor Mack Wolford, a Pentecostal serpent handler from West Virginia.

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silhouette of woman

Rebecca Kiger: A Knowing Intimacy

Opening August 1 at the Health Sciences Library is an exhibition of Rebecca Kiger's photographs from the   A Knowing Intimacy exhibit, a group exhibition that was on view at the Downtown Campus Library in March, 2018

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wvu library room 1020 with art on walls

Avatars and their Players: From Object to Other

Drs. Jaime Banks and Nick Bowman visualize their scholarly research on the experiences and effects of video gamers' connections with their avatars. This exhibit features "100 Avatars," digital element, in collaboration with WVU Libraries. 

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city skyline

Global Affairs presents: WVU in the Middle East, a Global Portals exhibit

WVU's Office of Global Affairs establishes a Global University through strategic internationalization and preparing globally-minded graduates for an increasingly global workforce. This exhibit is a display around their first Global Portal with Bahrain, expanding into the broader Middle East countries.

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painting of three children

College of Creative Arts Advanced Painting: WATER

WVU College of Creative Arts Painting Professor Naijun Zhang works with themed series of photographs from the West Virginia & Regional History Center On View collection, for assignments for his Advanced Painting classes. This fall, paintings of water from floods, to play in rivers, from years past, are depicted realistically, expressionistically and abstractly by these students, in conjunction with the WATER exhibit on the main floor.

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woman in dress

Sustainable Fashion

WVU Professor of Fashion, Dress & Merchandising presents an exhibit of her work alongside student designs exploring various sustainable practices from Zero-Waste, Transformation to Up-Cycling.

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man playing guitar

100 Days in Appalachia

The "100 Days in Appalachia" exhibit depicts the diversity of voices across Appalachia. The photo series strives to show the varied faces, passions, issues and opinions from around the region. "100 Days in Appalachia" is an experimental journalism project launched by the College of Media in January 2017.

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painting of science imagery

Art & Health: Artwork by Health Care Professionals

In collaboration with Health Sciences Center, this display includes a range of two and three dimensional work by people who work in health industries at WVU, including photography, painting, ceramics and more, with topics ranging from landscape to health to abstract expression.

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paper machet heart

TRAUMA: A Campus Read inspired exhibit

In conjunction with Campus Read programming around the book,   Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel, 2014, Vintage Books), around a fictional flu pandemic that decimated the population of the world, presenting inquiries into what it means to survive, reflecting on art, history and human connection. The exhibit explores these issues with artwork produced by WVU students in Multidisciplinary Studies.

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Gordon Gee with bowties

Passion or Obsession? President Gee's Bow Ties

Art in the Libraries begins a new series of exhibitions featuring community member's collections, beginning fittingly and prominently with WVU's President Gee's bow tie collection. Spanning more than three decades and numbering in the thousands, his bow ties exude his vibrant style and character and present a distinct, vast artistry. The exhibit includes a selection of ties as well as photographs and stories. Whether be passion or obsession, you decide.

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Women & Water in West Virginia

A visual exhibit of photos, paintings and sculptures, curated by WVU Assistant Professor of Geography, Martina Angela Caretta; Geography MA student, Bethani Turley; Friends of Cheat Executive Director, Amanda Pitzer; and Media and Outreach Specialist, Beth Warnick.

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students beside abstract sculpture

CESTA 2018 Exhibit

An interactive sculpture on display at the Evansdale Library illustrates the structure and function of a particular enzyme and can charge your SmartPhone.

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photo of downtown morgantown

Looking at Morgantown

Looking at Morgantown is an exhibit of 24 photographs representing the people, places and events in our area.

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painting of a group of people

100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolutions

This exhibit displays 14 paintings inspired by Julia Davis Adams' trip to Russia by West Virginia University advanced painting students of College of Creative Arts Professor Naijun Zhang.

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blue and yellow abstract photo

WATER: A cross-disciplinary exhibit exploring the significance, power & play of life's critical resource

This collaborative, cross-disciplinary, multimedia exhibit examines the power, control, scarcity, abundance, play and impact of water in its various forms. Coming August 2018.

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photo of glassblowers

Glassblowing to Community Building: Sunnyside's Changing Cultural Landscape

Glassblowing to Community Building is a collaborative exhibit, providing a brief overview of the Sunnyside neighborhood through photography.

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Book Arts Exhibit with Books from the WVRHC Rare Books Collection

This exhibit includes works by local and regional artists including books created by College of Creative Arts Professor of Graphic Design Eve Faulkes, the late Professor Emeritus, Cliff Harvey, photographer Steve Lawson, former WVU Books Arts professor and master typographer, Rich Hopkins, among other

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girl looking through telescope

A Knowing Intimacy: A photography exhibit by West Virginia Women

With A Knowing Intimacy, Sheldon reflects on how LA Times described her work with a "knowing intimacy," and this shared quality among her and the work of West Virginia based photographers Rebecca Kiger, Meg Elizabeth Ward and Lisa Elmaleh.

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long exposure photo of stars

WVU's Jackson Hole Photography Workshop: Ten Years in the Making

Professor of Photography Michael Sherwin celebrates ten years of teaching the Jackson Hole Photography workshop in an exhibition featuring numerous print and electronic images taken by Sherwin and his students. The exhibit runs through June 2018. Professor Sherwin will present with some of his students on February 15 at 4:00pm.

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pink and red abstract painting

College of Creative Arts Student Juried Award Winners Exhibit

The WVU School of Art & Design presented its sixth annual Juried Student Exhibition November 2017-January 12, 2018, and The award winners from this exhibit are on display at the Downtown Campus Library's new rotating exhibit space, 1020, through February 27, 2018.

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black and white photo of office workers

When the Computer Wore a Skirt

The exhibit "When the Computer Wore a Skirt: NASA's Human Computers," explores the history and personalities behind Hidden Figures including West Virginians Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan.

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painting of a mouth

Tiera Joy Tanner

Moments in time captured on film are taken into the hands of West Virginia University College of Creative Arts painting graduate student Tiera Joy Tanner and made into something new yet nostalgic.

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out of focus picture of the work marked

A Marked, Unmarked, Remembered

From Wounded Knee to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and from the Upper Big Branch mine disaster to the Trail of Tears, Marked, Unmarked, Remembered (West Virginia University Press, 2017) presents photographs of significant sites from US history, posing unsettling questions about the contested memory of traumatic episodes from the nation's past.

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woman doing crafts

Bodies of Truth

Wheeling based artist Lacie Wallace shares self-portraits and other artwork she has painted throughout her experience in and out of hospitals as a patient with cancer as she has become "more aware of my new body, my cancer body."

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photo of woman in vicorian dress

Unseen, Unknown

Unseen, Unknown: An Augmented Reality Exhibit Exploring WV Sights & Stories " is a new exhibit created by students and faculty in the West Virginia University Reed College of Media and WVU Libraries that will highlight the success of unknown West Virginians through augmented reality.

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profile photo of a man

Face of Homelessness

Face of Homelessness is a project by WVU College of Creative Arts Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Kofi Opoku, to serve as a voice for people who are currently homeless or have recently been housed in Morgantown

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black and white photo of hallway

The Divide

Raymond Thompson's photo series documenting Appalachian prison visits is on display in the second floor Atrium at the Downtown Campus Library.

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painting of a mans face

New American Paintings

Patrick Bayly will display a series of his award-winning paintings at Evansdale Campus Library in August.

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bronze abstract sculpture

CESTA Exhibit

"Object D4h," a rotating, 6' x 3' x 6' metal and plastic sculpture, explores symmetry, and was designed to be an abstracted representation of a molecule synthesized by Professor Hoover's research group.

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abstract green sculpture

Ceramics Student Exhibit

The Libraries are delighted to exhibit the WVU Clay Club's beautiful ceramic works.

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photo of people by lake

Looking at Appalachia

Looking at Appalachia is a juried collection of photographs from amateur and professional photographers representing every state in the Appalachian Region. Directed by Roger May.

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photo of a lake


Hollow is an interactive documentary and community participatory project that examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of those living in McDowell County, WV.

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man with lantern

Fractured Spaces

A three part show bringing together work focusing on communities disrupted and dislocated by political and cultural conflict. The last day of the exhibit was May 8, 2016.

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WVU Fashion Merchandising Rotating Displays

Students in Prof. Elizabeth Shorrock's spring 2021 fashion merchandising class present window displays inspired by architecture on the second floor of EVL. Displays rotate weekly.

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cup of markers

BFA Dean of the Libraries Student Art Prize Award

Selected from the WVU School of Art & Design's annual Juried Student Exhibitions by the Art in the Libraries Committee are the award winners work. Selections are made in fall and displays rotate in January.

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Painting of plant

Big Green Data: Herbals, Science, and Art

Dr. Farina's recent research focuses on the botanic world in pre-modern medicine, philosophy, art, and literature, specifically that of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The exhibit introduces viewers to historic herbals, the art and literature they inspired, and present-day correlatives.

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picture of flower

Carol Marino: A Selection of Printed Photographs

Photographing near and around her home in northern Ontario, Carol Marino's photography focuses on flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

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Excellence in Interprofessional Education Awardees Exhibits

Faculty: "Emergency in Ethics: How to Host a Hospitalization" based on teaching through gaming by Lena Maynor, PharmD; Megan Adelman, PharmD; and Renee McGinnis, DPT.

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Art224 students work on printeractive exhibit

Printeractives: Tactile Reimaginings of Narratives

  Downtown Campus Library | Jan - Mar 2022 

With a semester’s worth of critical design practice in hand, students in Art 224 approached this very question: how can design shift perspectives of a given narrative by changing the way people experience information? 

group of students with cricket bats

WVU Health Sciences Global Engagement Cases Exhibit

Health Sciences Library

Global health programs transform lives. This exhibit outside the WVU Health Sciences Library celebrates WVU Health Sciences' Global Engagement Office (GEO) which works to secure strategic global collaborations that enhance the academic, clinical, research, and service experiences of our students and faculty.

September 11 Memorial

September 11, 2001: The Day That Changed the World

Evansdale Library | Fall 2021 

WVU Libraries is excited to announce its participation in September 11, 2001: The Day That Changed the World, a downloadable educational exhibition that presents the history of 9/11, its origins, and its ongoing implications through the personal stories of those who witnessed and survived the attacks.

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Dime Novel Cover

Dime Novels: Racialization and Erasure

Faculty Exhibit Award winner Nancy Caronia presents dimestore novels she encountered While working on an interdisciplinary volume exploring how the American dime novel genre assisted in spreading discriminatory notions.

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Old enough promo

Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote: The Struggle for Youth Voting Rights in Americas

2021 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age in the United States to eighteen. In this exhibition, we invite you to consider the history of the 26th Amendment within the contexts of youth activism and expanding voting rights.

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Field with barn

Food Justice in Appalachia

An exhibit by WVU Libraries in partnership with the WVU Food Justice Lab and the WVU Center for Resilient Communities.

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collage of people looking at satellite dish

Food Justice in Appalachia: Artists Perspectives

This exhibition includes original artwork around food justice themes from artists nationwide. Media includes painting, sculpture, prints, and drawings. Participating artists include: Jackie Andrews, rural Maryland; Aileen Bassis, Long Island City, NY; Payton Brown, Morgantown, WV; Brian Fencl, Wheeling, WV; Martha Knox, Philadelphia, PA; Eddie Maier, Morgantown, WV; Leo Morrissey, Sea Isle City, NJ; Lis Sundberg, Red Hook, NY; Gerardo Valera, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Ally Zlatar, Glasgow, Scotland.

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Collage of family on a house in a field

REMIXing the Archives

Modeled after the Virginia Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference project, REMIX / ARCHIVAL ODDITIES, this exhibition and online project by the WVU Libraries Art in the Libraries program was developed to inspire literal and figurative out-of-the-box ideas for the WVRHC collections.

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Movie Memorabilia

Passion or Obsession

A rotating exhibit of collections, works, and passion projects from the WVU community.

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artwork on banjo head

Illustrated Banjo Heads from the Collection of Bob Smakula

Bob Smakula is a proprietor of Smakula Fretted Instruments in Whyte, WV, and holds a sizable collection of banjo heads that were illustrated by the banjos’ owners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Portrait by Liquing Ruth Yang

Liuqing Ruth Yang: Portraits

Liuqing Ruth Yang received a BFA in painting at WVU in December of 2021. She shares a few paintings from her series of portraits at Evansdale Library through fall 2022. 

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Christ the redeemer statue

“Where Does Your Christ Come From?” Exploring the Prevalence and Significance of the White Jesus Phenomenon Among Black Christian Women and Men

An exhibit by Stephanie House-Niamke, WVU Sociology PhD Student, which focuses on understanding the creation, purpose, prevalence and significance of the White Jesus Phenomenon for Black Christians.

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Black and white Photo of tree

Trees: A Selection of Prints

This exhibit, a partnership between Health Sciences and WVU Art in the Libraries, includes prints featuring different creative expressions of trees in prints, by artists Robert Bourdeau, Serge Clement, BA King and Catherine Perehudoff.

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AHEC Award Winners

WV AHEC Rural Community Health Scholars Program

An Exhibit of the 2021 Interprofessional Education Faculty-Staff Award Winning Project by WVU Art in the Libraries and WVU Health Sciences Interprofessional Education

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POC in Healthcare image

West Virginia People of Color in Healthcare

This exhibit looks at the past, present and future of West Virginia People of Color in Healthcare with historical imagery and text, current perspectives and WVU initiaves and more.

Read More About WVPCH

WVU Laboratory School STEAM Investigations Exhibit

WVU Laboratory School STEAM Investigations

This exhibit includes curriculum panels illustrating learning outcomes from a a variety of STEAM investigations from the WVU Laboratory School. WV Pre-K content standards were used to create hands on minds on learning experiences with three, four and five year old children.

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Sign of town of ranielle

A “Double Whammy” of Disasters: Flooding and COVID-19 in Rural West Virginia

This exhibit is the result of a photovoice project that was designed to capture life in rural West Virginia during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Chris Sarandon

Chris Sarandon: Career and Archives

Downtown Library   Entryway Cases

This holiday season, we are celebrating the spooky and jolly holidays with West Virginia University Alumnus Chris Sarandon. Known for his role as the speaking voice of Jack Skellington.

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Silhouette of four women

Silent Witness

The WVU Women’s Resource Center’s exhibit, Silent Witness Exhibit, invites students, faculty, staff and community members to help honor those killed in acts of domestic violence

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Abstract art of two men

AIDS, Posters & Stories of Public Health

Health Sciences Library | March - April 2023

The archive of public health posters about AIDS at the National Library of Medicine is rooted in the cultural output of artists, activists, and community workers. 

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collage of bird on pilar

Libraries, Politics and Art, Oh My!

WVU Health Sciences Library | Jul  -  Dec  2022

Every Library 2020 Artist-in-Residence Corinne Lightweaver’s exquisite collage-work is about the delicate balance between people and nature as part of the story of public, private and school libraries.
Women in dresses

Sustainable Fashion Design Exploration 

Evansdale Library    Summer - Fall 2022

View the WVU Art in the Libraries Faculty Award-Winning Exhibit. "Sustainable Fashion Design Exploration: Transformation to Zero-Waste." This exhibit features the work of  Colleen Moretz, Associate Professor of Fashion, Dress & Merchandising.

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Passion or Obsession? Frankie Tack’s Vintage Hammer Collection

Evansdale Library | August 2023

This exhibit will present artwork that highlights the intersecting values that shape our libraries through an artistic lens, reflecting on challenges and definitions of libraries past and as we move into the future .

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Indigenous Appalachia Logo

Indigenous Appalachia

Downtown Library  |  Launching Nov. 14, 2022

This exhibit by WVU Art in the Libraries in Partnership with WVU Native American Studies will be intentionally curated with the expertise and contribution of Indigenous Appalachians alongside scholars of Native American Studies. 
Health care professionals in front of intrument

For All the People: A Century of Citizen Action in Health Care Reform 

Health Science Library |   Fall 2023

This exhibition by the National Library of Medicine tells the lesser-known story of how movements of ordinary people helped shape the changing American health care system.

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Woman painting

Prompted Art in the Pylons

Health Sciences Library, May - August 2023

In spring of 2023, WVU Students, Faculty, & Staff learned about art therapy and ways to engage in art for self-care.  Participants each created two of their own miniature paintings about stress and what helps them restore and rejuvenate, ultimately reigniting sense of purpose in their work.  

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microbial Samples

Unboxing the Black Box: The Evolution of Microbial Ecology

Downtown Library Graduate Commons 
Jan-Aug 2023

An exhibit by Chansotheary Dang, 2022 WVU Art in the Libraries’ Graduate Student Exhibit Awardee

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photography on wall

People in Black and White

Health Sciences Pylons | Sept. 2022-Aug. 2023

This exhibit, a partnership between Health Sciences and WVU Art in the Libraries, includes prints featuring different creative expressions of trees in prints

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Reading Narrative Medicine & Health Humanities

This selection of books represents the gaining popularity of both health humanities and narrative medicine. From the expression in the book cover art to the poetry and educational information on the pages, perspectives in and on health humanities and narrative medicine are vast.

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Jar of honey with Herbs

(Mis)Representations: Divergent Perspectives on Appalachia

Downtown | Spring 2022

Taking a case study approach, each panel of this exhibit explores the history and culture of Appalachia from a different approach, offering a nuanced portrait of the region that challenges reductive stereotypes and simplistic narratives.

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born on rebellion logo

Born of Rebellion: WV statehood traveling exhibit 

Downtown Library | Nov 2023

As the nation looks ahead to its 250th birthday in 2026, a traveling exhibit about the  state’s origins is already making the rounds.  Born of Rebellion: West Virginia Statehood and the Civil War is the new flagship history exhibit from the West Virginia Humanities Council.

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Pills on a yellow background

The Need for Interprofessional Education is Chronic: An asynchronous telemedicine simulation

Health Science Library |  Aug - Dec 2024

The exhibit presents the winning work by Angela Goodhart and Jennifer Momen outlining a virtual longitudinal interprofessional chronic care management simulation between pharmacy students and physician assistant students.

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Laptop art exhibit

Laptop Art Exhibit

WVU Downtown Library  2023

We posted a call to campus and community to share and explain their laptop stickers. These 13 individuals offer insight into their lives and interests, showing their passions and ways of self expression through their unique collections of stickers.

Banjo and art prints

Instruments and Calendars: A Collection of Bob Smakula 

Evansdale Library | Spring 2024

The exhibit will feature a selection of the calendars, the custom printer blocks, and the actual instruments featured on the calendars. 
Drawing of doctor

Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn!

Health Science Library |   Spring 2024

Graphic medicine shows the creator’s experiences of illness and health through a medium that is approachable and relatable. Artists and authors have drawn and written about cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s Disease, sexual assault, and more.

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Afghanistan mountain

WVU Women from Afghanistan 

Downtown Library |   March 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Art in the Libraries and the Women’s Resource Center are recognizing WVU female Afghan students who escaped the tyranny of the Taliban through an exhibit today (March 8) in the Downtown Library.  

Read More About  WVU Women from Afghanistan
basecamp printing artwork of PRT

Base Camp Printing

Evansdale Library | Fall 2023

The show includes prints from Base Camp’s 7 years of business. All work is made with hand-set type and carved linoleum, then, handprinted on old-fashioned printing presses.

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