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WVU Laboratory School STEAM Investigations

Family in front of house

WVU Laboratory School STEAM Investigations
Exhibit at Evansdale Library, Floor 2
Through Dec. 2022

This exhibit includes curriculum panels illustrating learning outcomes from a a variety of STEAM investigations from the WVU Laboratory School. WV Pre-K content standards were used to create hands on minds on learning experiences with three, four and five year old children.

The WVU Laboratory School has a rich history serving as a classroom for WVU. The Laboratory school was established in 1944 under the auspices of the Division of Home Economics in the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics. The purpose of the school was to provide observation and practicum experiences for WVU students, future parents, preschool teachers, food and nutrition students, and other disciplines. During this period (World War II), one of the objectives of the Lab School was to study the impact of war on the lives of children. The history of the Lab school has been traced back to 1935 where an infant was a resident in the Home Management House. The infant was observed and cared for by WVU students in the home management house practicum. Currently the school is housed in the College of Applied Human Sciences at WVU.

The WVU Lab School still serves as a practicum placement site for many disciplines at WVU. If you are interested in completing a placement within our Pre-K environment, consider taking a special topics course with Melissa Workman. please email to get more information about this opportunity.