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Graduate Student Awards

The call for the 2024 Graduate Student Exhibits Award is open.

WVU Art in the Graduate Student Exhibits Awards

As part of its mission, The Art in the Libraries Committee seeks to highlight the art and scholarship of graduate students. With the Graduate Student Exhibits Award, Art in the Libraries committee invites current graduate students to submit ideas for consideration for an exhibit to visually showcase their scholarship in new and experimental ways. These can present a visual evolution of their work, visualize their research and influences, or answer a research question. Graduate student proposals should be based on academic or creative research and lend themselves to visual interpretation with Library consultation. 

Goals of these awards are to: 

  • provide a multidisciplinary platform for deeper learning.

  • foster intellectual discourse and discussion.

  • demonstrate the breadth of WVU's creative and innovative activity.

Graduate Student Exhibition Award

Exhibit Location: Downtown Campus Library, Graduate Research Commons, Room 122
Duration: 1 semester
Programs: Awardee can optionally give a public lecture, program or demonstration.
Award: $500 as professional development funds* 

Eligibility: All WVU graduate students who will be enrolled while the exhibit is on display.

*Awards also include help with design, installation, promotion, and coordination of a public program, offering an opportunity for exposure.

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2024.

Download first!, fill out, copy/paste abbreviated CV and save as PDF Lastname_Firstname_Graduateexhibitproposal.pdf, and email to Subject line: Graduate exhibit award proposal.  Be sure to download before completing!

Winners will be selected by the Art in the Libraries Committee. Selection will be based on applications that best meet the award's goals listed above.

Applicants may contact Sally Brown, for a tour and/or consultation before applying.

This is the second Graduate Student Exhibits Award developed from our Faculty/Staff Exhibits Award. 

First Graduate Exhibit Award Winner:

2023, Qazi Arka Rahman, Rectifying New Digital Record

2022: Chansotheary Dang,  Unboxing the Black Box: The Evolution of Microbial Ecology

Former Faculty/Staff Exhibits Awards Winners:

2018 Faculty/Staff Winner: Jaime Banks & Nick Bowman: Avatars and their Players: From Object to Other.

2019 Faculty/Staff  Winner: Lara Farina: Big Green Data: Herbals, Science and Art.

2020 Faculty/Staff  Winner: Nancy Caronia: Dime Novels: Racialization and Erasure.

2022 Faculty/Staff Winner: Colleen Moretz: Sustainable Fashion Design Exploration: Transformation to Zero-Waste

2023 Faculty/Staff Winner: Yong- Lak Park, Professor of Entomology: Insect Origami: Creative Arts Meets Biological and Physiological Sciences