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Hidden No More

Hidden No More: The Enduring Impact of Native American and Enslaved People on the Evansdale Neighborhood and WVU Campus

Evansdale Library | April – August 2024 
Downtown Library Floor 6 / May 2024 - 2025

Map of Evansdale WV

Presentation on the exhibit and Opening Reception: Thursday, April 27, 2023, 7 PM, Room 234 Evansdale Library
Light Refreshments to follow (approximately 8 PM to 9 PM) on the Main Floor of the Evansdale Library

Exhibit produced by: 

  • Amy J. Hirshman, PhD., Associate Professor of Anthropology, WVU Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Madison McCormick, WVU Public History Graduate Student
  • Riley Bowers, WVU History Graduate Student
  • Bonnie M. Brown, MA, Coordinator and Instructor, WVU Native American Studies Program
This exhibit highlights people and circumstances comprising the many stories that are woven into 360 acres of land. Home to Native Americans for thousands of years, this land was claimed by 1700s Colonial settler John Evans, worked by the people he and his family enslaved over generations, then parceled as a family neighborhood and later purchased by a growing university. Hear the authors discuss the origins of the project, the details they found, and how you might launch a similar project in your own neighborhood, contributing to truth and justice in our community.