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Honeybees, Photography, and a Blowtorch

WVU Health Sciences Library
June 3 — August 31, 2019

WVU School of Medicine Grants Administrator Dana Gray displays a series of her wax encaustic paintings at Health Sciences Library.

Artist statement:

These are some of the tools that let me merge the art of photography with the art of encaustics. Encaustic painting dates back to the 4th-century, and because of its archival nature, it was used to paint designs on warships without worry of fading due to seawater and sun. Beeswax is the key to this technique, and with fire, I fuse layer after layer of wax and pigments over my landscape prints embedded within the layers. The wax completes the photograph by adding dimension, luminosity of color and texture allowing me to finish creating the story in my mind that a photo alone can't' tell. My art is deeply satisfying for me, and when possible, I use both recycled papers and wax from my beehives to complete my art.