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(Mis)Representations: Divergent Perspectives on Appalachia

WVU Downtown Library Davis Reading Room (Floor 6) |  spring 2022 - spring 2023

Outsiders have long sought to define Appalachia. As a result, historian Ronald D. Eller noted, the history of the region “is crucially incomplete, inadequate, and misleading.” In popular media, the press, and even academic scholarship, Appalachia often appears as a distorted caricature of itself. Taking a case study approach, each panel of this exhibit explores the history and culture of Appalachia from a different approach, offering a nuanced portrait of the region that challenges reductive stereotypes and simplistic narratives.

Names of student contributors: 

Ellen Blackwood, Robert Colhouer, Ethan Combs, Simon, Dinkov, Celia Faux, Andrew Geissler, Kevin Holmes, Corey Howard, Ekaterina Kulagina, Isaac Lucas, Alessandra McDaniel, Annmarie Miller, Savannah Milne, Sarah Offutt, Laura Rabel, Caleb Schoolcraft, Richard Sedlak, Blake Speicher, Alexander Vreeland, and Chloe den Uijl.

Led by Professor: Jennifer Thornton
Assistant Professor of Public History, WVU

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