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Insect Origami

Origami Butterfly

Insect Origami: Creative Arts Meet Biological and Physical Sciences

Curated by 2023 Art in the Libraries Faculty Exhibit Awardee Yong- Lak Park, Professor of Entomology, Davis College
September 2023-May 2024, WVU Downtown Library Room 1020

Origami is an art form that has captivated people for generations. It is a Japanese word meaning folding paper, and it is a challenging art and craft that involves transforming square sheets of paper into specific objects by folding and creasing. Among origami artists, insect models are the most challenging because their complex morphological features are difficult to reproduce from single, square sheets of paper. Dr. Yong-Lak Park (Professor of Entomology) has been practicing, demonstrating, and developing origami insects for the past 35 years. In the exhibit, Dr. Park displays over 20 origami models and demonstrates the art of insect origami through hands-on activities. This exhibit is not just for those interested in the sciences; it is for anyone interested in creative arts, designs, textiles, and STEM education. 

Art in the Libraries Faculty/Staff exhibit awards is open for proposals.